Optimizing database server hardware and database migration to new database engines such as SQL 2005  improve speed, functionality, performance when you access data on line and in real time
Optimizing database server hardware and database migration to new database engines such as Microsoft SQL 2012 , SQL 2014 or MS SQL 2016 improve speed, functionality, and performance when you access data on line and in real time.
Tuning your Exchange, SQL and Oracle server database engine settings and server hardware will improve your database speed and reliability.

Does your database give you the speed and reliability you require?  Database servers help your company organize and catalogue a vast amount of data essential for running your business.  Although many companies have implemented new database engines such as MySQL, MS SQL 2008 or MS SQL 2012, SQL 2014 or even SQL server 2016 to improve speed, or reliability, just migrating to Microsoft SQL Server 2012, SQL 2014 or Microsoft SQL Server 2016 on your old server hardware, may not actually offer the desired performance enhancement over your previous install of MS SQL.  It takes a combination of the new database engine properly configured and the appropriate hardware to realize a significant boost in performance.  

Optimizing the hardware and the engine settings of a database engine can boost time savings of minutes on each query!  Employees and clients often require instant responses to queries and providing these may afford greater employee productivity and client satisfaction.   Employees and clients needing to access data online with real time responses, may dictate the demands of your database environment.   Quick response time is indicative of good customer service; no client wants to run a request for data or place an order and be subjected to a long delay.

Complete Systems Design's database server design consultants have the expertise to assist you in selecting the optimum hardware at the best prices, database server planning and database server installs.  CSD's SQL server consultants have extensive experience in migrating databases, allowing for smooth transitions with minimal interruption. Planning the proper MS SQL server size, horsepower and redundancy ensures quick and reliable SQL performance.   Our SQL installs and MySQL installs will help your optimize your system using RAID 2, RAID 10 and RAID 50 depending upon your needs and budgets.   We believe a good SQL server installation can improve productivity for your personnel.   Should you need to migrate MySQL servers just give our database migrations consultants a call.


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... thank you... for making our office move go so smoothly.  One of our clients recommended you as you had a long term relationship with them and they were pleased with your work and rates...
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Claudia Llanos,
Accounting and Consulting Services
I wanted to thank you for all your help in our recent transition to the UCLA Enterprise Messaging System ... it is clear that your contributions were key in facilitating a smooth conversion! Read More
Susan Kinder Haake,
Director, Knowledge Management,
UCLA School of Dentistry
... proposed a solution for our immediate needs, and a road map for our future growth within our budget. The migration to our new environment was seamless. Read More
Rick Manesh,
Managing Partner
United Telecom

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