Show Desktop Tutorial

Show Desktop Tutorial

Video 1 – Show Desktop Tutorial  / Minimize All Open Windows. I will show you how to minimize all open windows/apps within Windows so you can quickly get to your desktop with several apps open and… Read more »

Split Screen View Windows

Split Screen View

Split Screen View – Show two apps side by side or stacked in Windows Video 3 – Split Screen View / Tiled View Show two apps at the same time side by side or stacked in… Read more »

How to set up your Sonicwall SSL VPN client

How to set up Sonicwall SSL VPN client

These instructions are how to set up Sonicwall SSL VPN client. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection allows you to connect to your VPN client even at most hotels and guest wireless networks where other VPN… Read more »

Iphone Ipad Android Tablet

Android Phone, iPhone, iPad and Tablets

Does your cell phone also provide you with access to your company and personal e-mail, calendar and contacts wirelessly updated at all times no matter where you are?  It can easily be configured to do so… Read more »

Slim light laptop notebook

Laptops and Notebook Computers

Do your arms and shoulders ache from hauling around your current laptop? An optimal laptop requires selecting the right memory size, type and size disk drive, keyboard size, processor speed and accessories such as spare chargers,… Read more »

Windows 10 logon screen

Computer Operating Systems

How important is the operating system (OS) to your workstation’s functionality and performance? Workstation and server operating system planning, upgrading, optimization and installation for ideal functionality and performance include Microsoft Windows 10 and OS X for… Read more »

Application Management

Application Management

Have you received file attachments via e-mail you can’t open?  Your company’s commitment to current business methods may be called into question when you contact your partners or clients and ask them to send files in… Read more »