Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Hyper-V / VMware

Current servers are a completely different class of machine than were available just a few years ago. With significantly improved multi-core processors, faster disk drives, better controllers and even 10 gigabit network connections, you can now… Read more »

Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop Servers – Terminal Servers

Is your company reliant on an application that only performs well in the office where the data is housed?  Many applications and databases that perform quickly in the central office could be readily accessed from remote… Read more »

Office Move planning floorplan wiring access points server room

Office Moves and Relocation Planning

How much downtime did you experience the last time you moved your company office? An office move is a major project which most companies do not have experienced personnel to organize. Collaboration with your company’s key… Read more »

Server Migration

Server Migration & Infrastructure Migration

Can your company afford to have significant down time or data loss during a system changeover, infrastructure migration or server migration? Data migrations are a complicated process whether they involve a change or transfer of OS,… Read more »

Firewall VPN Internet Security

Firewalls, VPN & Intrusion Detection

Could hackers gain access to your network?  Network firewalls are the first line of defense between your network and the entire Internet.  Well thought out and correctly implemented firewalls help protect the data and financial records… Read more »

Remote Home Office Computer

IT Support for Home Offices

Complete Systems Design’s concierge IT support for home offices can specify and outfit you with whatever solutions you need including multiple monitors, big screen displays, notebooks, tablets, iPads, smartphones, printers, scanners, fax, firewalls, internet service, secure… Read more »

System Assessment

Complete Systems Assessments

When is the last time your company had a complete infrastructure audit? What systems are likely to fail and what systems obsolescence are costing your organization productivity? Has your software become so out of date it… Read more »

Internet failover SD WAN

Internet and Failover Access

Is fast, high speed, dependable and secure Internet access to essential personnel throughout your organization? To stay competitive in today’s information-rich business climate, nearly all workstations need Internet access.  Reliable Internet access is essential for dependable… Read more »

network printer scanner

Network Printers, Copiers and Scanners

Have you ever been late for a deadline because of a print job that is stuck in a network printer queue?  Organizations can effectively reduce equipment, toner and electric expenses, space requirements and lengthy wait times… Read more »