Security Camera

Security Camera Systems

Surveillance Protection Systems   Detailed resolution & smooth motion Notification solutions Long term storage Isolated network protection Reliable & secure monitoring Your security system is the first line of physical defense as a deterrent to criminals… Read more »

2017 PC Buying Guide

2019 PC Buying Guide

While the laptop and tablet market grow the PC market is shrinking but they still have many advantage so we are offering our 2019 PC Buying Guide.  PCs can have multiple large hard drives holding many… Read more »

Samsung 9154 laptop

2019 Laptop Buying Guide

More and more people are taking their laptops from work to home or from their home with them on vacation.   A very fast and very light laptop is what most people want these days.  … Read more »

Video Conference Solution

Video Conferencing Systems

Remote Video Conference Solutions   The right hardware for individuals or conference rooms Multiple simultaneous chat sessions Reduce cost & travel for meetings Focused conversations and more accurate communication Easy to use software Communication is the… Read more »

Exchange to Office 365 Migration with Azure Active Directory Sync

Exchange to Office 365 Migration

Move email to cloud-based solutions   Reliable Microsoft 365 Easy access from the web, outlook & phones Secure backups & recovery Sync calendars, contacts, notes & email with Android, iPhone & iPad. Included powerful antispam Office… Read more »