Security Camera

Security Camera Systems

Surveillance Protection Systems   Detailed resolution & smooth motion Notification solutions Long term storage Isolated network protection Reliable & secure monitoring Your security system is the first line of physical defense as a deterrent to criminals… Read more »

System Monitoring

Systems Monitoring Solutions

Complete Systems Monitoring   24 x 7 solutions Temperature & humidity notifications Power monitoring & notifications Internet failover & website monitoring Server, switch, security & wireless monitoring Did you ever arrive at work and learn from… Read more »

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning & DRP

Business Resiliency Solutions   Work from home solutions  Full functionality while remote Cloud & hot-site recovery Disaster recovery readiness testing Minimize business disruption How current and complete is your company’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or Disaster… Read more »

Archive Backup

Archive and Backup Systems

Fully Managed Backup Systems   Full nightly backups  Offsite replication and restore Scheduled backup & restore verification Nightly notification of completion Cloud backup and hot-site solutions How current and complete is your company’s Business Continuity Plan… Read more »


Antivirus Solutions

Complete Malware Protection   Foolproof ransomware protection Hardened workstations Protection from the latest threats Scheduled reviews of prevention measures Compartmentalized safeguards An essential part of any antivirus plan is a system that continuously monitors and resolves… Read more »

UPS Power Backup

Power Contingency Planning

Failover Power Solutions   POE, Internet &wireless  power fail-over  Continuous server up-time Scheduled testing Instant notification of power condition change Powered phones & cameras stay online What critical systems need to remain online at your office… Read more »

Computer Documentation

Computer Network System Documentation

Complete & Current Documentation   License file & software inventory Database documentation & diagram Custom application instructions Infrastructure diagram & encrypted passwords Continuously updated documentation Have you ever had IT issues while your systems personnel were… Read more »