Firewall VPN Internet Security

Firewalls, VPN & Intrusion Detection

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Could hackers gain access to your network?  Firewalls are the first line of defense between your network and the entire Internet.  Well thought out and correctly implemented firewalls help protect the data and financial records of… Read more »

Remote Home Office Computer

IT Support for Home Offices

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Complete Systems Design’s concierge IT support for home offices can specify and outfit you with whatever solutions you need including multiple monitors, big screen displays, notebooks, tablets, iPads, smartphones, printers, scanners, fax, firewalls, internet service, secure… Read more »

System Assessment

Complete Systems Assessments

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When is the last time your company had a complete infrastructure audit? What systems are likely to fail and what systems obsolescence are costing your organization productivity? Has your software become so out of date it… Read more »

Internet failover SD WAN

Internet and Failover Access

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Is fast, high speed, dependable and secure Internet access to essential personnel throughout your organization? To stay competitive in today’s information-rich business climate, nearly all workstations need Internet access.  Reliable Internet access is essential for dependable… Read more »

Server Room Data Center

Server Room Planning and Design

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Is your server room a tiny, cluttered, overheated room with equipment scattered about?  Since office planners are often unaware of the importance of a server rooms design, that room is sometimes neglected during the site review… Read more »

network switch 10g SFP

Network Switches

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Are there times when it seems like it would be faster if you literally carried a file to the server yourself?  An extended pause that occurs when “save” is pressed or when the document closes often… Read more »

WAN Wide Area Network

WAN – Wide Area Network Planning

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Would you like to facilitate better communication between all of your remote offices?  These days, as business structures become more complex, Wide Area Network (WAN) communications support far more activities than ever before.   Your company may… Read more »