Active Directory Users and Computers

Active Directory Domain Controller

AD Controller Setup & Support   Authorize computers in your domain Set security controls on folders by login account Restrict acces to USB drives with group policies Active Directory domain design and support Cloud and Azure… Read more »

Anti Spam Spam prevention

Antispam Solutions

Spam prevention solutions   Reduce wasted time on spam emails  Anti-phishing protection Trim in-box clutter Prevent malware Protect against spoofed mails that appear legitimate How much of your day is wasted deleting hundreds of unsolicited spam… Read more »

On Premise Backup - cloud backup

Data Backup Servers

Complete Data Backup Systems   Full failover server solutions   Offsite replication and restore Protection from even the latest malware Recovery to specific archive dates  Cloud and hotsite solutions Could your company successfully restore last night’s data… Read more »

SQL Database Server

Microsoft SQL & Database Servers

SQL Installs & Performance Tuning   Optimized installation for speed and reliability Selection of the best performing hardware Database moves to new environments Reliable backups Cloud based options Does your database give you the speed and… Read more »

DNS Domain Name Service Active Directory WINS DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DNS & DHCP Servers

DNS & DHCP Server Installation   Domain Name Service server installation  Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol set up Local domain support DNS troubleshooting DNS related email analysis Did you ever try to send or receive e-mails only… Read more »

Exchange Office 365 email gmail

Microsoft 365, Gmail or Exchange Server

Cloud Email or Exchange Server   Microsoft Exchange server upgrades & maintenance  Migration from Exchange to Microsoft 365 email Reliable backups & restores Accessible anwhere on any device Antispam & encryption provided Do you wonder why… Read more »

File and Print server

File and Print Servers

File Server Installation & Upgrades   Fast & reliable file storage Easy file restores Well designed for growth Nightly backup Protected from malware Are you constantly deleting older files in order to make space for new… Read more »

Server hardware

Server Hardware Installation and Server Repair

Server Installation & Upgrades   Scheduled maintenance Replication, backups & archives Optimal cost effective hardware with growth potential Upgrades, replacement and redeployment After hour upgrades for minimal downtime Was your most recent server purchasing decision based… Read more »

Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Hyper-V / VMware

Virtual Server Solutions   Full failover without loss of productivity Simplified archiving Protected from ransomware Replication on site or another office or the cloud Reduced hardware costs Current servers are a completely different class of machine… Read more »

Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop Servers – Terminal Servers

Secure Remote Desktop Access   Centrally controlled security Power backup Always available Easy but secure remote access Work remotely as if you were at the office Is your company reliant on an application that only performs… Read more »