Business Continuity Planning & DRP

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Business Continuity Planning

How current and complete is your company’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?  Business Continuity Planning & DRP ensure your company can continue to operate with minimal downtime in the event your office or equipment should suffer an unforeseen event. Most companies’ IT departments don’t have the manpower or the experience to create a comprehensive Business Continuity Planning & DRP.  A Disaster Recovery Plan is an insurance policy; this ensures your company’s livelihood should a catastrophe strike. Your company has taken years to build a client base and significant downtime during which you cannot service your clients could mean your customers may need to go elsewhere for service.

A Business Continuity Plan is a solutions even if your building was lost in some catastrophe, the next day your employees can continue to work remotely with no loss of email capabilities, access to data or databases.

A Disaster Recovery Plan sometimes referred to as a Disaster Resource Plan is more than simply ensuring some servers, backup devices, workstations, and software are available at an alternate location. Your telecom or phone reroutes and accessibility is just as essential as computer resources. An essential component of the DRP is the system documentation and recovery strategy ensuring critical business functions can resume as quickly as possible. A good DRP also implements preventative measures to eliminate potential system disasters before they occur.

In the event you are denied access to your building or the equipment therein, you will need a ‘hot site’ available for continuing business. Most companies are completely dependent on the Internet for e-mail, web services, ftp access and other means of data communication with clients and vendors. Companies with more than one office frequently require direct WAN connectivity to those sites. Should those remote sites’ Internet connectivity go through your headquarters, they will require an alternate means of gaining Internet access in the event your headquarters is the disaster has occurred. WAN and Internet installation typically take at least 30 days from the service provider; a failover internet service or load balancing internet provisioning can help should the need arise.

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Plans are time consuming and require a great deal of high-level and detail planning your team may not have the resources on which to focus. Your company can leverage the experience of Complete Systems Design disaster recovery planning consultants and to implement a DRP that will allow your business activities to quickly and efficiently resume in the event of an incident. Our Business Contiuty Planning consultants can supplement your IT team for this detailed task. We appreciate there is more to getting your company operational than just restoring data and we provide quick service when your business is impacted by an unforeseen event. Our business continuity planning consultants can provide moderately priced solutions to keep critical systems available and prevent significant systems disruption. Our quick response can alleviate stress for your team during a challenging time.

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