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What critical systems need to remain online at your office in the event of power failure? Power protection keeps equipment running during power failure.  Power Contingency Planning include uninterruptible power supplies to protect your equipment from power surges that can cause thousands of dollars in damage and potential data loss. Equipment damaged by power spikes could keep systems down until replacement parts are ordered and installed.

Uninterruptible power supplies can be programmed to gently shut down your equipment before their batteries are depleted, preventing operating system failures and data corruption. If absolute uptime is required, a backup generator can be implemented to take over for the batteries after the power failure has occurred. This means zero down time as the batteries keep the systems running before the generator goes on line.

Your company must decide what critical equipment should remain in operation during a power failure. Routers for WAN and Internet connectivity could potentially lose their configuration profile requiring a restore or reprogramming. Service providers frequently place lines in loop-back mode during a power outage in an attempt to isolate the issue; unaware that your local power is down requiring a call to your ISP when the power is restored.

Complete Systems Design’s backup power consultants have the experience and expertise to implement the right solution for you. Our systems consultants understand the importance of your system uptime and will determine the correct capacity of the battery or backup generator solution that will best suit your business needs.

Complete Systems Design’s infrastructure consultants can evaluate your power environment, select the right UPS solution (including APC UPS and APC Smart UPS) and optimize your uninterruptible power supply so that you can continue to operate even if your building is without power. E-mail can still be sent, received and accessed on remote computers and smartphones. Remote workers can access critical servers even while power is out in your building. The UPS can be configured to send out notices when it is running on batteries and when the battery needs to be replaced. It will also send a notice when power is restored. Power planning / Power supply planning is essential for determining your uptime during a power outage, power failure or brownout.

Complete Systems Design will evaluate your current uninterruptible power supply, replace uninterruptible power supply batteries, install uninterruptible power supply systems and configure them.   Your power contingency planning protects your investments in hardware, time and data.   CSD’s IT services can keep your business running with our business continutity and disaster recovery solutions.

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