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Your security system is the first line of physical defense as a deterrent to criminals wishing to benefit from your investments.   In addition to other property, you probably have assigned a good portion of your budget to productivity tools for your employees such as laptops, workstations, monitors, conference room TVs, servers, and other infrastructure.    If you purchased a security system a while back, you may find the best footage you can give the police, might be, “something appearing to be a human estimated to be between the age of 16 to 90, wearing something blue,” entering your office after hours.    CSD can get your security camera systems installation completed quickly and within budget.

In addition to your video surveillance system monitoring your entry points to the building, HIPAA, PCI and FINRA recommend a camera be posted at any central data point such as a server room.   Complete Systems Design provides cameras right for the environment, weather conditions and lighting.    We only install high resolution equipment which makes it easy to distinguish a person’s face.   The cameras get their power from a POE (Power Over Ethernet) switch which will be on battery backup along with the NVR or Server so even if the power is out your video surveillance system still has power.

We tailor the security camera system to your goals: how much coverage you’d like; your preferences among identification, recognition, and detection; if you need LPR (License Plate Recognition); how much history you wish to keep; if you want access to the data outside the company; if you would like it on a separate VLAN (recommended); and if you want it always recording or only when there is movement. We are there to assist with any security system installation.

Complete Systems Design chooses the right cameras for your needs and protects your systems by keeps them from connecting directly to the internet. We restrict access so they can be accessed remotely but only by approved people as you view them through a protected device, not directly to the cameras. CSD has set up both small offices as well as large luxury hotels. We can tweak your security camera system or replace your surveillance system with whatever is right for your needs. Complete Systems Design can provide quality security camera systems installation with solutions optimized for your needs and budget.

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