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Did you ever arrive at work and learn from a colleague that a critical server had been down all night? Although employees leave the office at the end of a work day, your servers must continue to function 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is particularly critical for companies that have offices or clients in multiple time zones or employees that work remotely after hours.  Systems Monitoring Solutions & Plans keep track of critical items such as temperature, humidity, disk space, processor utilization, bandwidth usage to prevent downtime and power and internet outages to keep you informed.

By selecting the most dependable brands and correct configurations, system failures can be significantly reduced. No matter the brand of equipment, or how much money is spent, computers are susceptible to ‘glitches’ in the operating system, software or hardware which may cause them to function properly.

Should a critical system fail during the evening hours, weekends or at any other time when staff may not be physically present to service the equipment, establishing an instant notification system allows the critical systems to be placed back on-line sooner so that your company can service your clients. Our network management team can assist you today.

Complete Systems Design’s system monitoring consultants have implemented monitoring systems that can immediately notify designated contacts via pager and cell phone of hardware or software failures and even use dialup to notify you if your internet connection is down. Systems that can be monitored include: networking, Internet, WAN, server, application, e-mail, disk space, power, and processing concerns. The CSD IT support group has the experience to implement the right monitoring solution requiring minimal investment. Our monitoring solutions often include SNMP standards-based systems such as Whatsup Gold or Orion. If you want to implement a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) with minimal impact, a good monitoring system is essential.

The Systems Monitoring Solutions & Plans can be for critical events such as internet or power outage or it can be preventative such as Temperature, Humidity, high bandwidth usage, or low disk space.   Our IT services include preventative solutionsn so you can avoid disaster recovery.

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