How to avoid viruses, malware, spyware & ransomware

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Video 5 – How to Avoid viruses, malware, spyware & ransomware and scareware

While you should install a good antivirus program on your computer such as Malwarebytes, you still need to avoid tricks and scams that get you to install viruses on your computer. Scareware, malware, spyware and viruses can still bypass your virus protection although Defender in Windows 10 is signicantly better than previous versions. Fake antivirus such as “Windows Antivirus” or “Microsoft Antivirus 2011” prevents you from running executable’s.

My quick suggestion is create an installation account on your computer with full privileges and disable install rights on your regular login account.  This is by far one of the best methods to avoid viruses, malware, spyware & ransomware.

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