How to connect your Android phone to Exchange for email sync

Setup Tips

To set up your Android phone (e.g. Galaxy S10) or Android Tablet to sync email, calendar and contacts with your work email server/exchange server follow these steps. The process to connect your Android phone to exchange is quite logical.

First, make sure you can browse the web on your Android phone or Android Tablet. You must either be connected to a Wi-Fi source or your cellular provider and be able to browse the web to be able to set up your email account. Please verify by going to a web page you haven’t been to before (try or so we can configure your exchange account on your iPhone / iPad.

Press the menu button on your device. You will see the settings choice once it is activated. Please press the settings icon.

Android Settings
Android Settings

Now, in settings, you may have to scroll down a bit to get to Accounts and Sync.

Click on that item choice. At the bottom you can see the Add Account option.

Please click on that. Please select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on the next page.

The next screen requires your full email address and password (passwords are case sensitive) You can also check on the box to set this as your default email account if you want to send from it more often than your other email accounts. If you aren’t sure you typed your password correctly, you can check the box for show password.

The next screen will ask you for more details. It will show a slash before your username (your internal domain name goes here). If you need your internal domain name you may get this from your email administrator. In the example below, is my email domain but my internal domain is CSD (CSD.LAN is actually my internal domain but you should just fill out the first part before the extension – so I put in CSD). You may ask your IT administrator for your email server’s public address if you are not sure what it is. Your mail server’s public address is part of the web address for your email server. For example, you might go to or to check email on the web, however, on the Android device you would just fill in or

You may need to turn SSL on or off depending on how your IT department has your email server configured your exchange server. Chances are if your company is at all concernced about email security, SSL will need to be checked.

Now select Next in the bottom of the screen.

You will probably get a popup like this to let you know it nearly done. This is a security setting from your exchange server and it is OK.

If you have filled in the correct information, it will connect to your Exchange server and ask what information you want to sync and how often. You can have it check for email frequently during business hours and less often after hours to save on battery life (push is the setting for constantly check emails). You can specify how many past weeks worth of email to sync with your device and what size emails you want to sync before having to manually download them. You can select what items to sync such as mail, contacts, calendars and reminders. Select next at the bottom and it will finish the process.

Now go back to your home screen and wait a minute for some syncing to occur and then click on your email icon. You should have emails beginning to populate on your device.

If it give you an error message such as “Unable to open connection to server due to security error”, your device may require an additonal step. Slide your finger from the very top of your device to the bottom. Check for notifications and there may be a notification your must allow the security update for email to complete.  Hopefully this made it easy to connect your Android phone to exchange. Enjoy!