How to connect your iPhone or iPad to MS exchange for email sync

Setup Tips

To set up your iPad or iPhone to sync email, calendar and contacts with your work email server/exchange server follow these steps. The process is pretty straight forward to connect your iPhone to exchange.

First, make sure you can browse the web on your iPhone or iPad. You must either be connected to a Wi-Fi source or your cellular provider and be able to browse the web to be able to set up your email account. Please verify by going to a web page you haven’t been to before (e.g. so we can configure your exchange account on your iPhone / iPad.

Press the home button on your device. By default the settings icon is on your home page. It looks like a wheel with cogs.

Now, in settings, about halfway down the page on the right hand side is Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Please select that.

On the right hand side you can see Add Account… , please select that. On the right hand side the second item down is Microsoft Exchange. Please click on that.

A window opens and you can fill in your email account details. You may not have to fill in the domain field. If you need your internal domain name you may get this from your email administrator. In the example below, is my email domain but my internal domain is CSD (CSD.LAN is actually my internal domain but you should just fill out the first part before the extension – so I put in CSD).

Now select Next in the top right hand corner of the window.

Once you have filled that in, it may ask you for your email server’s name. You may ask your IT administrator for your email server’s public address if you are not sure what it is. Your mail server’s public address is part of the web address for your email server. For example, you might go to or to check email on the web, however, on the ipad or iphone you would just fill in

Now select Next in the top right hand corner of the window. You may need to turn SSL on or off depending on how your IT department has your email server configured your exchange server.

If you have filled in the correct information, it will connect to your Exchange server and ask what information you want to sync. You can select what items to sync such as mail, contacts, calendars and reminders.

Click Next and your account is now set up on your iOS device!

You can modify what things to sync or change the number of days to sync your email after the account is set up on your iOS device. Just go back to settings, select that account and you’ll be able to toggle sync on and off for your Mail, Contacts, Calendars and reminders. I typically set it to 2 weeks.

Click on the number of days and it will create a pop up window of the number of days you want to sync and you select the desired number of days to sync.

Select the Exchange back arrow in the top left hand corner.

Now it brings you back to the previous screen and you seen the updated number of days to sync. Select Done in the top right hand corner of the window and you are all set up! You can press the home button and you will be able to access your email. The email icon is typically in the very bottom row of your device – the icon that looks like an envelope.

Hopefully you found this guide to connect your iPhone to exchange useful.