How to set up Sonicwall SSL VPN client

Setup Tips

These instructions are how to set up Sonicwall SSL VPN client. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection allows you to connect to your VPN client even at most hotels and guest wireless networks where other VPN clients may not work.

To connect to your Sonicwall firewall remotely, you will need the address from your network administrator and your username/password for the firewall.

First, open up Internet Explorer (there are some slight differences for each of the many web browsers available but most PCs have IE available even if you don’t use that as your default browser).

Sonicwall VPN Client

Type in the correct web address for your firewall, in the top part of your web browser. It will be the specific address your network administrator gives you. It may be a number such as or it may be a name address such as Your IT administrator must give you the address you will use for your company’s firewall as each has a unique address.

Sonicwall address

You may get a page like this if your company doesn’t have a dedicated certificate for your sonicwall. If you do get this screen, just click on Continue to this website.

Sonicwall cert message

We can now add this firewall’s address to your trusted web sites. Please click on Tools, Internet options.

Sonicwall ignore

Click the second tab which is Security. Click on the green check for Trusted sites.

Sonicwall trusted sites

Click on Sites and it will automatically fill in the field with the correct address.

Click on Add next to the address name and close out of your IE options by clicking OK.

Sonicwall adding site

On the login page, do NOT fill in the fields. Instead, click in the bottom right hand corner to where it says click here for sslvpn login

Sonicwall login screen

You may get the warning message again – if you do, please just click on Continue to this website.

You can now fill out the username and password that your network administrator gave you specifically for VPN access on the Sonicwall firewall.

Sonicwall login

It will now prompt you to install the NetExtender client. Click on the left hand option for the Netextender client which allows for SSL VPN access.

How to set up your Sonicwall SSL VPN client

It will now give you the status of the install.

Sonicwall install

When it has completed and connected a popup will come out and show you your Sonicwall information. You don’t need that information, but you do want to know you are connected. You can click on the red x in the pop up. This will just close the pop up but you will still be connected to the Sonicwall.

Sonicwall connected

When you close the popup Sonicwall window in the center of your screen, it will remind you in the bottom right hand corner that you are still connected. You can kill your connection by right clicking on the Sonicwall icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen (next to your clock) and click disconnect.

Sonicwall netextender

You may get a pop up in Windows asking you what type of network you just connected to for security reasons. You can click on work.

Sonicwall security

You can now access to resources on your company’s network. Your network administrator can tell you what access they have given you.  Hopefully this guide on are how to set up Sonicwall SSL VPN client was relatively straightforward.