Complete Systems Assessments

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Security fortification

Increased system resiliency

Identify areas for improvement

Protect data from within & outside the organization

HIPAA and PCI assistance

When is the last time your company had a complete infrastructure audit? What systems are likely to fail and what systems obsolescence are costing your organization productivity? Has your software become so out of date it is no longer supported and you are having problems communicating with your customers and partners?  A complete systems assessments is can cover an audit of your security, and inventory of your equipment and software as well as documentation of key elements of your environment.

Complete Systems Design provides full system audits as well as system specific audits. You can decide if you want a full infrastructure audit, just a security audit or backup system audit. Would your company pass a HIPAA audit or PCI audit?  CSD will make sure your data system backup is inclusive of critical databases, emails and files, the reliability of your backups and we test the restore processes as well as your ability to restore from offsite. We will perform a full risk assessment of your hardware, operating system and software environment to repair security holes and prevent future potential hacks.

CSD can run a non-invasive test on your internet security. The internet security audit includes a firewall audit, port scan, and a review of your wireless security. We can show you how to make sure your employees aren’t putting software on their workstations which bypasses your firewall and can jeopardize your efforts to keep intruders out.

Our team can ensure your licensing is compliant and properly documented. Complete Systems Design can ensure your internal security such as Active Directory meets password requirements recommendations and frequency for password changes. We can review your server room security as well as your fire prevention system and air conditioning is well maintained to prevent potential sources of failure.

CSD will review your UPS solution for emergency power and safe shut downs of your servers. We can certify your wiring to CAT6a should your old wiring be preventing you from achieving your full network speeds. Should your servers be aging or under powered, we can run a full server analysis on their demands and recommend the right solution. We can perform server audit specific to your needs including a database server audit, email server audit and file server audit including a business impact analysis.  We provide a full information systems audit.  If you are unsure if your server, network, switches or workstations are the source of your bottlenecks we can verify where the issue are and provide options for a strategic upgrade.

Complete Systems Design’s computer support services offer quick-response IT support, network support services and just as importantly, reliable computer services.   CSD provides complete systems assessments and can create a budget for your future based on that IT audit. Our network solutions provide all the IT services your company needs be sure to call now for immediate assistance.

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