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How often does your network crash as a result of that ‘rat’s nest’ your company calls a wiring closet or because someone plugged a network cable looping back to the switch under their desk?  All too often, the last item considered in a networked system is the wiring which serves as a physical conduit for all of the network traffic within your company.  CSD will make sure data wiring and network cabling is planned from end to end of your building so you won’t need to keep having someone come back to install new cables for each new employee.

Wiring installed years ago may no longer be adequate to carry the bandwidth-intensive large data files used in today’s business environment.  Files containing pictures, audio or video can bring a network to its knees if the required level of bandwidth isn’t available.  Faulty wiring, wiring installed over fluorescent lights and damaged wiring are just a few issues that can cause network slow-downs and crashes.

Years ago companies installed token ring wiring hoping to get better bandwidth and performance.  Today, token ring is no longer a viable solution, as it is fraught with beaconing issues (causing network crashes), expensive wiring and exorbitant switch and network card expenses.  Today the solution may involve implementing category 5e, category 6a, or category 7 wiring, fiber /optical or a combination of copper and fiber.  Each network platform has advantages; the key is to find the best combination.  Selecting the right solution depends on your company’s needs and goals.

Complete Systems Design’s systems consultants have coordinated multiple wiring projects and knows which type of solution will be most advantageous to your company’s environment.  We review wiring at your current or future location to make sure you have adequate cabling so no one should have to have a personal switch which often become sources of loopbacks.  CSD’s wiring consulting team has the experience to know where and how many outlets would be required for telephone and data within your current or new office.  If you are planning an office move, the first item to plan for the new location is wiring.  Our network wiring planning consultants include your company’s future by making sure adequate conduit diameters allow for sufficient growth and changes.  Our network support team is ready to assist you. CSD’s local area network planning / LAN planning consultants can provide you with a solution that meets your immediate and future bandwidth demands.

Complete Systems Design will organize data wiring installation, run cable for network services, prepare your new office and install Ethernet cable, and organize the install wiring for networks, run Ethernet to the wiring closet or server room.  Data wiring and network cabling should help your company move forward even as you grow.

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