Internet and Failover Access

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Internet failover SD WAN

Is fast, high speed, dependable and secure Internet access to essential personnel throughout your organization? To stay competitive in today’s information-rich business climate, nearly all workstations need Internet access.  Every day your company is purchasing supplies and services, evaluating potential partners and finding new ways to offer better service to your clients.  Using the Internet, companies can find more competitive pricing for equipment and supplies and thus keep their prices more attractive to their customers.   Reliable Internet access is essential for dependable e-mail communication with your clients, vendors and your employees.

Internet access has helped many companies to grow in a variety of ways.  With the proper bandwidth, your company can host its own fast and reliable web servers, making sure your current clients and potential customers aren’t left wondering if your organization considers their time valuable.  A fast Internet connection allows your company to quickly and efficiently upload or download vast amounts of data, such as product brochures, sales agreements, contract and product specifications.

Having your employees web-enabled affords your entire staff, access to quick, in-depth research for their projects and daily tasks.  E-mails with large attachments can be delivered without delay.  Today, many companies are extremely Internet dependent; a second low-cost Internet connection such as DSL or cable modem, allows for failover capabilities should their primary Internet connection go down. Our Internet support includes such  technologies as cable, dsl, fiber (including fios), SD-WAN, MPLS, T1s, microwave, wireless, ethernet over copper T3s and gigabit internet.

Complete Systems Design’s Internet consultants has been involved in numerous ISP (Internet Service Provider) installations and switchovers.   Coordinating equipment, installations, testing and rollouts can often monopolize your IT staff’s resources, and prevent them from supporting your team.  Our IT systems consultants are ready to undertake these projects so that your IT team can focus on your existing customer support needs.    Our internet consulting group can resolve your router hardware concerns and routing issues. Contact the CSD firewall consulting team for all your firewall and internet security concerns. We specialize in Sonicwall firewalls and VPN secured remote access. Intrusion prevention and intrusion protection are essential for companies with internet access.

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