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Are there times when it seems like it would be faster if you literally carried a file to the server yourself?  An extended pause that occurs when “save” is pressed or when the document closes often the result of bandwidth issues.  Companies that remember to upgrade their servers sometimes forget that the backbone of their network (network switches) may be inhibiting the performance gains they could be achieving.  Outdated hubs will not support heavy throughput efficiently.  The text-only files of yesterday have been replaced with rich content and multimedia files.   Years ago an optical disk could hold hundreds of text files; today, a single file could easily fill as many as 100 or more optical disks.

Switches provide fast and reliable transport for vast amounts of simultaneous data transmissions.  It is not surprising that access to the network is considerably faster while everyone is at lunch.  Your local area network (LAN) is typically any of your internal network access for servers, workstations, printers, scanners and it connects to your Access Points (APs) and eventually the Internet.One reason is that your system is not competing with the flood of other transmissions from the rest of the company during that time.  Switches give direct data transmission between each person and their destination.  Imagine the network traffic as a four-way intersection on congested two-lane roads.  By rerouting the traffic with an overpass or a highway with 20 lanes and bypassing the stop-and-go congestion, the commute time is drastically reduced.

Complete Systems Design’s network consulting team has had experience with implementing some of the very first switches on the market a decade ago, and we have kept abreast of current new developments with the very latest cost-effective switch technology.   Our network consultants have successfully migrated companies still using token ring megabits to switched gigabit environments.  We can estimate the correct backplane size for your company giving you the room for growth you need while making sure you don’t purchase less or more than needed.   Our LAN support group can plan your router and switch environment including: Extreme switches, Avaya switches, Alcatel switches, Cisco switches and Cisco routers as well as Netgear switches.   CSD’s network management team is prepared to assist you immediately.

CSDITS can optimize your performance and improve security with VLANs.   Your VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) can be used to both separate traffic for security but also improve performance on your VOIP phone system. VLANs can segregate traffic so video editors and your security system don’t slow traffic for the rest of the users trying check email, print, save spreadsheets etc. VLANs don’t require any rewiring, just programming switches and firewalls.  High bandwidth solutions can be achieved with 10gbps switches, 40gbps switches and 100gbps switches or employing SMB 3.0, link aggregation or trunking.   While many switches can support multiple links with LAG, MLT trunking or etherswitch technology, SMB 3.0 does not require any special proprietary tech or expensive switches.

Complete Systems Design will diagnose network performance issues, inventory network equipment, solve network problems, create network documentation for your organization.  CSD will diagnose network issues, fix network problems, troubleshoot network performance concerns, resolve bandwidth throttling issues, provide network support services and repair network issues. CSD will configure network switches, upgrade network switches and replace network switches, perform network inventory, perform network. troubleshooting, provide network support services.  Complete Systems Design will fix VLAN communication issues, install VLAN security and set up VLANs and properly provision VLANs that suit your companies need to optimize speed and security.

Complete Systems Design can upgrade corporate network, replace old network switches, replace obsolete network tech that is causing slow network performance.   Our solutions range from network installation, switch installation and network management services.  We offer a variety of remote IT infrastructure management services for immediate support when you need it.  Our infrastructure consulting services extends the support and skillset of your IT team.

Our cyber security solutions include traffic segmentation through VLANs.  We take your it security seriously so contact us for more detail on how to protect your network from cyber security threats.    Contact Complete Systems Design for details on how our network solutions can save you money while securing your data integrity.

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