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Is your server room a tiny, cluttered, overheated room with equipment scattered about?  Since office planners are often unaware of the importance of a server rooms design, that room is sometimes neglected during the site review and negotiation phase.  Server room planning and design may not be part of your regular IT duties; let us assist.

Server rooms house expensive, critical equipment and core data for your company. Adequate server room security and surveillance equipment should be considered in your server room design. Advance planning includes the present and future space allocation requirements, on-going server maintenance, amperage and voltage requirements, fire suppression systems, anti-static flooring and air flow.

Server rooms house some of the most critical equipment and data for the entire company.  Server rooms require many special considerations to ensure that your system stays online and can support your company’s growth and changing data needs.

Server up-time requires a low-temperature environment to prevent overheating, system crashes and potential hardware damage.  Since many servers draw more power than most other appliances, they require dedicated isolated ground interrupt outlets to prevent surge damage.  Although these outlets may reduce your surge risk, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) has superior surge suppression technology to further prevent any possible issues and allow for gentle shut downs of valuable equipment in the event of a power failure.  UPS’s require planning for amperage and voltage requirements as well as the proper electrical outlet interface or direct wiring.

Since server rooms house expensive equipment and core data, adequate security and surveillance equipment should be considered.  As your equipment is susceptible to electrical damage from shocks, the correct anti static flooring should be installed.   Server rooms should have dedicated 24×7 air conditioning of the correct tonnage to support your current and growing needs (ideally with a backup unit in the event the other fails or is down for maintenance).  The fire suppression system should be able to prevent fire damage without damaging the equipment and data it is protecting in the process.  Advance planning of the amount of space allocated for on-going server maintenance, air flow, new server installations and server migration will all affect your company’s system reliability and longevity.

Complete Systems Design network consultants has specified and organized many server rooms making us an ideal source for your next office move or restructuring.  CSD information systems consulting group will handle the task to allow your IT team to concentrate on supporting you.   Server room planning includes AC, space, fire protection, access, conduit, anti-static flooring, physical security and maintenance.  CSD’s IT assessments can provide you with the information you need for your server room planning and design.

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