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Does your server just shut off every time the power goes out and have problems restarting afterwards? That loud beeping sound you hear in your server room maybe overloaded or dead batteries in your current Uninterruptible Power Supply – UPS. The purpose of the UPS is to keep your server, Internet, firewall, switches and wireless network running in the event of a power failure.  Poor electrical circuits and power spikes from lightning can cause severe hardware damage and cause significant downtime.  The UPS should gently shut down the server preventing database corruption, file loss and OS damage.   When the batteries are getting low the system should send notifications to key personnel, and automatically turn it on when power is restored.  Our UPS, uninterruptible power supply & backup power solutions help you keep making money.

To effectively select the right UPS solution, we will determine what power circuits exist in your server room and if additional circuits are required.   We will design the UPS solution based upon the uptime you require for critical systems in the event of a power failure.  Sometimes you just need enough emergency power to get through a brown out until your emergency generators kick in or you may require extended uptime.

Complete Systems Design’s IT consultants can evaluate your power environment, select the right UPS solution and optimize your uninterruptible power supply so that you can continue to operate even if your building is without power.   Our systems power consultants can ensure E-mail can still be sent, received and accessed on remote computers and smartphones.   Remote workers can access critical servers even while power is out in your building.  The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) can be configured to send out notices when it is running on batteries and when the battery needs to be replaced. It will also send a notice when power is restored.  Power planning / Power supply planning is essential for determining your uptime during a power outage, power failure or brownout.  Our systems consultants specialize in American Power Conversion (APC) UPS and Smart UPS.

Complete Systems Design will evaluate your current uninterruptible power supply, replace uninterruptible power supply batteries, install uninterruptible power supply systems and configure them.    CSD offers UPS, uninterruptible power supply & backup power solutions for your needs.

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