VPN Secured Virtual Private Networks

VPN Secure remote access

VPN Secure Remote Access


Encrypted remote access

Easy access from anywhere with reliable security

Protect data from the unauthorized general public

Provide full productivity for work at home employees

Secured VPN tunnels to remote office workers

Does your team require access to company sales systems, databases, and files when they are outside of your office? Access to updated files, contacts, applications, e-mail and network resources would often help off site transactions go more smoothly and assist quickly finalizing deals. VPN Secured Virtual Private Networks can allow your team remote access to critical systems securely and easily for those needing to conduct business on the road or from home. Complete Systems Design experience as a managed it security service provider can benefit you today.

The right e-mail solution does not require an additional VPN (Virtual Private Network) environment for secured remote access if properly configured, however the combination of a VPN and terminal servers give your employees the ability to work from any location as if they were directly on the network! Terminal servers allow multiple employees simultaneous access to a remote desktop server with proper security restrictions. The remote desktop is a window of all the resources (e.g. applications, databases, e-mail, and files stored on the server) available at the office. Employees can have access to all the critical information that allows them to be productive even when they are not physically present in the office.

CSD’s remote network support consultants have coordinated the implementation of numerous VPN and terminal server solutions tailored to the individual needs of each company. At Complete Systems Design, we have the expertise to assist you with the planning and implementation of your solution. Our remote user support includes workstations, laptops, network printers, wireless access points, wireless routers, iPads, Android phones, iPhones, tablets wireless keyboards, wireless mice, scanners, screens, monitors and other peripherals. Secured virtual private networks allow your remote users to safely access your local network resources as if they were at your main office. CSD’s VPN secured virtual private networks consultants can design a solution that is right for your company.    Call us today and we’ll be happy to assist with your managed IT security services needs.

Complete Systems Design offers affordable but reliable cyper security solutions.  Information security, computer security, IT security and protection from cyper threats is one of our core service offerings.

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