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Would you like to facilitate better communication between all of your remote offices?  These days, as business structures become more complex, Wide Area Network (WAN) communications support far more activities than ever before.   Your company may be better serviced by using point to point Virtual Private Networks on your office firewalls for lower monthly service bills while ensuring secured communications.   The most common WAN is MPLS although some use the term Internet and WAN interchangeably, WAN typically means dedicated communication between offices.    CSD is ready to handle your WAN – wide area network planning from end to end.

Previously, a WAN’s primary function was for distributing e-mail to branch offices, and providing access authorization from a primary authorization server.   A WAN can be used as a cost saving measure; for example, applications run from the main office may be client-server based but for performance reasons, accessed via a Terminal Server over the WAN.   While service providers still offer dedicated WAN products, a simple point to point VPN tunnel is far less costly and offers a number of benefits.

If your company has one or multiple remote offices you may have, or are considering, implementing a WAN to save your company money and increase functionality in those offices.  Coordinating and implementing the right WAN solution can be confusing and challenging, particularly if IT support is not available at those remote offices.  We support numerous technologies including cable, dsl, fiber including FiOS, T1s, wireless, ethernet over copper and T3s.

Complete Systems Design has the expertise in selecting the right bandwidth and equipment to support your present and future needs for your WAN.  CSD’s network security consultants can handle this task and design the right solution so that all your remote offices can run efficiently.  

While dedicated WANs were once common, site to site virtual private networks /site to site VPNs allow you to securely encrypt traffic between offices while leveraging the lower costs of Internet and ubiquitous Internet connections.   ISPs such as cable providers, FIOS providers, ethernet over copper (EoC) and even microwave wireless can often be far less expensive than dedicated WANs.

CSD can can handle your WAN – wide area network planning and implementation from inception to completion.

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