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WiFi – Wireless Connections

Have you ever needed access to the Internet or your network where there is no data or telephone jack available? Instant access to information can make or break a deal.  Access to the Internet and your network can allow your team to research, make informed decisions, improve your sales presentations, and close more deals.    More and more of your employees benefit from a well designed WLAN – WiFi wireless connections solution.

Complete Systems Design will diagnose wireless issues, upgrade and replace APs, install access points, optimize Wi-Fi range and channels, and make eliminate dead spots and Wi-Fi dropping.   CSD is ready to solve your WLAN – WiFi wireless connections needs.

As major sales are often made at a client’s site, the sales force may spend a great amount of time traveling. With wireless technology, the sales team can research their clients; prepare a sales analysis and figures at a hotel, at an airport or any place you can get cellular or WIFI access, to help give them the edge over the competition.

Demand for wireless technology depends on an individual company’s needs. Some organizations prefer not to rewire their conference rooms, so secured wireless access points or APs, provides an easy solution. Some clients need access to their network while they are traveling but have no physical network access at the airport, on the train or in the cab, making wireless access through hotspots, cell phone tethering and carrier data broadband cards invaluable.

There are many forms and standards of wireless connectivity including: Bluetooth, 802.11a (WiFi5), 802.11b (WiFi), 802.11g, Mimo, 802.11n, 802.11ac and 1xRTT. The right choice for your company is based on many factors: price, security, scalability, ease of use, speed, distance from the source, and exactly where users need to access data. Keeping abreast of these current technologies and the emergence of new features and standards can consume a great deal of an IT department’s time.  We support brands and install wireless APs from Ruckus, Alcatel, Meraki, Avaya and many others.   We offer a number of security measures on the WIFI access points we support.   APs need not be wired to electrical directly as most support POE.

Complete Systems Design’s wireless consultants have the experience to analyze your needs and present you with solutions to meet your current and future needs. Sometimes a huge improvement can be made just by optimizing the channels used by your existing equipment.  CSD wireless consultants present ‘the big picture’ so you can make an informed decision regarding the appropriate wireless technology for your company’s future. Wireless routing design and wireless access point planning can give you access to what you need wherever you need it. Our systems support consultants can assist you in finding a solution that works for your needs.

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