Exchange to Office 365 Migration

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Exchange to Office 365 Migration with Azure Active Directory Sync

Office 365 is a robust email platform that is available on a subscription basis directly from Microsoft. If you don’t have your own support team for email, you can enjoy the benefits of the latest email platform available to large companies hosting their own in-house Exchange server. If your company has ever experienced internet outage or power outage at your headquarters your branch offices can be without email. Many companies have Exchange to Office 365 migration plans but don’t have the experience or spare IT staff to handle the project.

Microsoft has an extremely robust platform without the maintenance or hardware investments and set up changes required with an on-premise Exchange server. If you are migrating a large number of users, you can do it in small batches with Azure AD Connect sync / Sync Engine. There is virtually no impact to the end user as their Outlook can automatically update from an on-premise Exchange profile to an Office 365 profile without IT support.

Some advantages of Office 365 are you no longer require as much storage for your email server backup, you always have the latest Outlook client, and tech support for email questions are included in the subscription. If your company is already supporting Exchange, learning the management interface of Office 365 is very easy as they run on similar platforms. Should your company merge or have a sudden growth spurt, no need to upgrade the server; just add the additional subscribers and you are done.

Complete Systems Design will upgrade Exchange servers, move to new Exchange servers, move from Exchange to Office 365 and CSD will minimize impact to end user as we migrate to your new email environment. The migration from Exchange to Office 365 need not be disruptive. CSD has the experience and resources to handle your Exchange to Office 365 migration.

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