File Server to Sharpoint OneDrive Cloud File Access

Sharepoint One Drive cloud storage

Migrate File Servers to the cloud


Securely access files from any browser 

Access your files from your regular file explorer

Restrict & grant access to subfolders

Backup & easy file restoration

Integrated with Active Directory security

Office 365 provides a solid and secure platform for storing your files in the cloud hosted by Microsoft. No need to be at your office to share files securely with your team. You can use your same login information you use for active directory and 365 email.

Microsoft Sharepoint solution for file sharing gives ample storage, integrated backup and restore solution and access both in the office and from home or on the road. Microsoft 365 Sharepoint offers the robust Microsoft Sharepoint functionality without the setup or maintenance concerns.

Complete Systems Design can assist you with your move from an on premise file server or just additional storage in the cloud for easy access of critical files. Our storage migration service provides you with the best environment for growth and data security as well as reliability.

Access to the files is easy. OneDrive shows up as a folder(s) in your normal windows file explorer, the same as they would for shared folders on your file server. In addition, the files are accessible on the web. Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint includes unlimited support direct from Microsoft.

Complete Systems Design will upgrade file servers, move to new file servers, move from on site file servers to Microsoft 365 Sharepoint and CSD will minimize impact to end user as we migrate to your new email environment. The migration from your local file server to Office 365 need not be disruptive. CSD has the experience and resources to handle your file server to Office 365 business migration.

If you are looking for cloud solutions for your server needs contact Complete Systems Design for your cloud services needs. We offer a variety of options incluind cloud backup services, cloud computing services, cloud security services, cloud disaster recovery services and cloud infrastructure.

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