Office Moves and Relocation Planning

Office relocation

Data, WiFi, Electrical & AC Planning


Data room buildout

Wifi survey for optimal performance

Organized data cabling everywhere needed

Details such as copier, printers covered

ISP selection, planning and timeline

How much downtime did you experience the last time you moved your company office? An office move is a major project which most companies do not have experienced personnel to organize. Collaboration with your company’s key employees ensures a smooth and timely office move with minimal downtime.  Office moves and relocation planning can be a relatively painless transition with experienced IT support.

Planning information technology components of the move is pivotal to successfully getting your company up and running quickly. Leases, construction delays, permits, inspections, wiring, Internet activation can determine your move in schedule. Getting the IT team involved from the start will greatly improve the likelihood of a smooth transition.

Preparations for the move begin even before the final location has been selected. Inspection of potential new office space must be conducted by qualified IT personnel to identify major structural, HVAC, wiring and electrical issues, which left unchecked, may translate into increased expenses and a delay the move.

After the new server room location has been identified, it is important to examine the air conditioning unit to confirm that it is 24×7 and will support the demands of the server room components. The electrical system must have sufficient capacity for your equipment’s load and have the right voltage and amperage and adequate surge protection. The data and electrical wiring must be well-suited for the number of workstations, printers, and other devices attached to the network. A detailed examination of the data wiring is required to verify the integrity of all the connections. The flooring in the server room should be antistatic and grounded. The security system must ensure the safety of the server room equipment. Fire suppression systems should be evaluated to ensure it will to suppress a fire without damaging electrical components and is safe for employees.

Complete Systems Design office move consultants realize that every company’s needs are unique and your new office location should be tailored for company’s requirements. Usually, tenant office improvements are necessary to support the servers, workstations and networked equipment. Complete Systems Design’s office relocations consultants have the experience to check for often overlooked items such as wiring cores for centered desks and conference tables with potential for future layout changes. Our IT support group has managed numerous office migrations and knows that thorough preparation can make the difference between significant disruptions or a quick and efficient office move with minimal downtime and reduced expenses. Data Center moves and Office headquarter moves as well as remote office setups as well as server room moves are areas where Complete Systems Design’s experience shows.

Our office moves consulting team has assisted with new office setups and reolocations in: Greater Los Angeles, Brentwood, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Culver City, Pacific Palisades, Malibu Beverly Hills, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Pasadena, South Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, Covina, Commerce City, Eagle Rock, Encino, Glendale, San Fernando, Silver Lake, Studio City, & Vernon, Alhambra, Monterey Park, Arcadia, Van Nuys, Northridge, Monrovia, Torrance, Gardena Orange County, Irvine, Dallas, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Stamford, Hartford, Stratford, Singapore, China and Thailand.

Complete Systems Design will help coordinate the move office computers, move office network equipment, move switches, relocate office network equipment, provide network project management, move firewalls, get your office up and running with minimal downtime.  Office moves and relocation planning is challenging enough, let us handle the IT portion.

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