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Can your company afford to have significant down time or data loss during a system changeover, infrastructure migration or server migration? Data migrations are a complicated process whether they involve a change or transfer of OS, files, database, web, e-mail or hardware. To reduce the risk of data loss or extended down time, a system changeover requires significant planning and effort. Complete Systems Design is experienced in SQL server migrations, Exchange server migrations, file server migrations, IIS server migrations and FTP server migrations. We can assist whether it is a partial network migration or an entire server migration & infrastructure migration.

Proper planning requires setting up the new equipment in advance with a standard 72 hour burn-in period to ensure system reliability. During that period, it is essential that security functions specific to the new hardware are thoroughly investigated. Although most security should be assigned via an authentication server, some systems may have used machine-specific security policies, which will not transfer to the new hardware since most machine-specific policies are rarely documented and will require significant investigation.

A complete backup should be performed on the old system as well as a full restore of the data on the existing server before the migration is ready to be implemented. Just before the new machine is installed, a new backup should be performed for any last minute changes that may have occurred during the testing.

Complete Systems Design’s migration consultants are thoroughly experienced in planning and performing the critical procedures for a data migration to transition smoothly. Multiple precautionary measures will minimize the threat of data loss. CSD has performed migrations from the OS on groups of servers and workstations, database migrations and e-mail server migrations including Windows SBS, Windows 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2, IIS7 and IIS8 Web server migrations, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013 migrations and SQL 2008 and SQL 2012 migrations. Our IT solutions consulting team has also performed countless application migrations and will assist you with your next migration project.

Our professional network support includes data archiving and data backup solutions, business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery planning (DRP). Our IT consulting group can help ensure internet reliability and with internet failover and uninterrupted power supply solutions and power planning.

We are experience in data migration planning should your server be passed its prime. Server migrations and office moves and office relocation planning can ensure minimal downtime. Our systems migration consultants can assist with email server migrations and email server installations which include exchange server migrations, exchange server installation and exchange server maintenance. File server hardware upgrades and file server operating system upgrades may be the reason for your file server migrations and file server installations and but CSD also excels in file server maintenance. Systems migrations may include Microsoft SQL migrations for server hardware upgrades. Firewall and internet security installs are frequently critical components of any server installation.

CSD can handle your server migration & infrastructure migration project so your IT team can continue to assist the end users, uninterrupted.

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