Our Team


Jim Millerick

“… versatile information technology professional with extensive experience leading developers and engineers with design and implementation. Proven experience managing large, multi-disciplined assignments and managing client relationships …… continually demonstrate success in reducing costs and improving productivity through implementation of new system standards, negotiating with vendors and coaching staff members…”

Vendor negotiations, systems migrations, relocations and systems mergers.

Jim Millerick founded Complete Systems Design after nearly 20 years of IT support and management leadership. Jim started out his career in purchasing for a large industrial organization (Textron) where he initially learned to negotiate better pricing so that his budget could go further.

Jim worked his way through the ranks initially as a systems tech and programmer to management at a nationwide investment firm (JER). He was a catalyst for change bringing about improvements to assist those he supported daily. He was offered a management position at UCLA where he integrated systems from 12 departments now under one central Vice Chancellor.

Jim was offered a VP position at a newly created national mortgage company (FMAC) which was forming a separate company from their parent organization. He hired a team that created a new national infrastructure with 12 major offices throughout the US in just two months. FMAC acquired many smaller companies which he and his team merged with the central infrastructure.

Jim’s leadership, organizational and technical skills are still in demand by his former employers including UCLA where he still consults. Jim brings a tremendous commitment to his clients’ needs and goals. His unparalleled enthusiasm and candor offer clients a welcome addition to their support personnel.


Our Team

Henry Bellew 

Henry has been in the industry for 20 years starting as a contractor for UCLA where he assisted with the student technology move-in event where all students computers were fixed and set up for access to the school network.  Soon he was hired full time as an support member for Student Housing for the staff member and server support.  Henry later embraced life as a computer consultant and enjoys the variety of environments and the diversity of projects.


Kevin Goodknecht

Kevin has been been with industry for over 20 years.   He taught himself in a Windows environment where he soon became an MS MVP in DNS and Active Directory.    He joined the team at CSD and has worked on various projects such as firewall testing, troubleshooting servers worldwide and email solutions.


Brandon Loya

Brandon  has been cabling networks for CSDITS for a number of years.  He has had a variety of projects from major sports centers, giant freezer warehouses, luxury hotels and numerous office buildings.   Brandon takes his team wherever the wiring install is needed.