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Does your cell phone also provide you with access to your company and personal e-mail, calendar and contacts wirelessly updated at all times no matter where you are?  It can easily be configured to do so with hosted Office 365, Gmail and Microsoft Exchange servers.  Cell phone technology is constantly moving forward and offers significantly improved and more secure access to your company’s e-mail system and potentially shared data. Most current smartphones allow you to open Word, Excel, Acrobat PDFs and even PowerPoint presentations. Many Android Phone, iPhone, iPad and Tablets can be used as a broadband connection /hotspot while connected to your laptop for fast Internet access where no Wi-Fi service is available.

Always be current with your company’s communications no matter where you are. Cell phones such as the iPhone by Apple, Android, Samsung Galaxy, LG, can instantly sync your calendar, contacts, email etc. wirelessly, without any wired connection to your workstation or laptop.

Never worry about someone accessing your sensitive data should you lose your phone. Operating systems such as Android can be directed by an administrator on your e-mail server to wipe out all data on the phone to keep sensitive data from unauthorized people.

Complete Systems Design’s smartphone experts have experience with a broad range of iPads and Tablets to meet your individual needs. Many executives prefer one brand over another, fortunately, all can be made to work in your business environment. Just like a workstation, your smartphones can be customized to meet your needs for ease of access.  With all the new choices, it is no surprise our smart phone support is an area our systems consultants improve customer satisfaction. Smartphone support is as an essential service for most of our clients.

Complete Systems Design help with iPhones, help with android phones, including set up new iPhones, set up new android phones, review your iPhones security, review your android phone security and we will assist with mobility security concerns with Android Phone, iPhone, iPad and Tablets.

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