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How important is the operating system (OS) to your workstation’s functionality and performance? Workstation and server operating system planning, upgrading, optimization and installation for ideal functionality and performance include Microsoft Windows 10 and OS X for MAC computer operating systems.  OS planning will ensure operating system compatibility with the possible hardware and application combinations and determine how well the new operating system can perform in a networked environment with networked applications.

Microsoft Windows has gone through many changes since its introduction — although it has been our experience that the latest version is not always ready for immediate deployment. Typically, with the release of a new operating system, service packs become available months later to correct ‘glitches’ in the program. Although some issues are quickly identified upon release, it may not be possible to correct all the glitches since an OS must be compatible with millions of possible hardware combinations and thousands of applications.

Before implementing a new operating system, significant testing is required to make sure the OS is compatible with an organization’s internal applications, software and hardware. Implementing the latest OS solely for new workstations that can support the operating system results in the IT staff supporting multiple environments, which increases maintenance time, manpower requirements and expenses. Ideally, a company will have one operating system or two at most for all the workstations (e.g. Windows 10 and OSX).

An often-overlooked component of analysis is determining how well the new operating system can perform in a networked environment with networked applications.  Frequently, companies fail to understand why an operating system or software that works fine at home doesn’t in the work place. Networked environments significantly change the dynamic of an operating system as well as the numerous hardware combinations your company may have implemented over the years.

Complete Systems Design’s computer support consultants have been working with every version of Microsoft Windows since Windows 3.1 to Windows 8. We also support Apple OSX workstations. Our computer consulting group has the experience and knowledge to implement the ideal solution that will optimize your systems performance and reliability.  Let our systems integration team make sure your networked systems work together seamlessly.  Our systems support team is more concerned about your business productivity than bells and whistles of questionable OS upgrades.   If you are thinking about upgrading from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10, CSD’s computer experts can recommend hardware upgrades to improve performance or let you know if you would be better off keeping your existing system or replacing it completely.   Our computer consultants can let you know when to purchase Windows 10 Home edition or Windows 10 Professional and some features such as video and music streaming over your wireless or local networks to your home theater center.

Complete Systems Design can reformat computers, install computer operating systems, upgrade Computer Operating Systems, install the new OS on existing computers, or upgrade computer OS, upgrade to Windows 10.  When upgrading your OS only recommend stable computer operating systems.

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