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Do your arms and shoulders ache from hauling around your current laptop? An optimal laptop requires selecting the right memory size, type and size disk drive, keyboard size, processor speed and accessories such as spare chargers, carrying case, batteries and type of warranty.    Selecting the right laptop manufacturer will help you maximize your laptop investment.   CSD will help you select, upgrade and maintain your laptops and notebook computers

Laptops are becoming more and more essential for employees throughout your company. It is no surprise laptop sales are growing faster than PC sales. It isn’t just the sales force that needs good notebook computers anymore. Many executives use laptops as their workstations at the office and bring them wherever they need to work.

Determining which laptop features are most essential to you, will assist in selecting the right system. Do you require a large screen for presentations, or a very small form factor and light weight for greater transportability? Do you need a fast processor for advanced database or video functions, a built-in camera for video conferencing, built in broadband cellular service for data anywhere you travel or a combination of these features?

You will want to select a laptop that has good driver and technical support from the manufacturer. Obsolete laptops are heavily promoted in most electronics stores, you might benefit from ordering direct from the manufacturer to customize it to your needs. After you have chosen a few reliable manufacturers, you’ll want to consider notebook features. Once you select the right features, you still have many more decisions to make: how much memory to get, what type and size disk drive, what speed processor is a good investment and what accessories such as spare chargers, carrying case and batteries should you get.  Did you know replacing the stock hard drive can increase the speed of your laptop by as much as 500%?

The right warranty will help you maximize your laptop investment.  You may want to consider an accidental damage warranty.   These warranties may cover you in the event you drop your laptop or spill a beverage on your laptop.

Complete Systems Design’s laptop support team will help you select the right laptop for your needs and we will optimize and configure it to meet your business requirements.   Our IT support team can make sure you can focus on your business, not the technology concerns of travel. CSD’s network repair team can advise you on repairing a laptop’s cracked screen or replacing an aging system.

Our workstation and laptop support and laptop maintenance includes Samsung and LG ultralight notebooks, Thinkpad laptops, LG, Lenovo notebooks, Dell Inspiron, Dell XPS laptop support as well as Airbooks, iPads and Macbook pros.

Complete Systems Design will troubleshoot notebook computers, recommend laptop hardware, offer computer upgrade services, set up laptop docking stations and set up laptop computers. We don’t sell any equipment so when we recommend laptops and notebook computers, you can buy direct from the vendors and save money.

You might want to read our free laptop buying guide.

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