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Communication is the key to large organizations that want to stay nimble.    As more and more companies employ remote workers group meetings with presentation material can be problematic with just a phone call.   Video conferencing solutions help your team keep current on organizational projects & goals and shorten conference calls.    Help your team collaborate on complex projects to simple weekly conference calls. CSD can get your video conference systems installation online quickly.

While a built-in webcam is great for individual employees, a slightly more advanced but simple to use video conference camera and mic might be better suited for conference rooms.   There are many video conferencing programs to choose from but if you already have Microsoft Office 365 Teams (the replacement for Microsoft Skype) lets you share documents and live video at no additional charge.

Videoconferencing has come a long way as of late.  Significant improvement in high-compression codecs, substantial increases in bandwidth and drastic price reduction in webcam peripherals has made video conference solutions accessible for both large and startup organizations.

Spend less time on air travel, save money on air travel and avoid the hassles of air travel with good video conferencing systems. Most laptop computers are ready to go for video conferencing and a large screen & video conferencing equipment can be covered by the cost of just one trip by one person. Furthermore, all that time wasted in travel can be saved so you aren’t behind with every trip.

Complete Systems Design fixes video conference systems, repair video conferencing equipment, install video conference equipment as well as recommend and install video conference equipment. Let Complete Systems Design handle your video conference systems installation so you can focus on the objectives of your next meeting.

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