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Voice Over IP Phone Systems


Easy migration from older PBX phone systems

Significantly reduced monthly bills

No big hardware investment

Flexible solutions including work from home

Peripherals such as bluetooth headsets.

Current VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions should sound as clear as you plain old telephone system PBX which required the expense of dedicated phone lines.  VoIP systems can drastically reduce your monthly fees while taking advantage of your existing internet connection.  VoIP offers easy forwarding of calls to your cell as well as voicemails to your email.    Offices with many remote employees that need to be connected with your main switchboard for easy transfers can also benefit from VoIP phone systems solutions.

With recent ISP bandwidth and quality improvements, VoIP is no longer as challenging to implement correctly as it once was.  With a well-designed solution, you can replace your old on-site expensive PBX phone system with a hosted voice solution that offers several advantages.  VoIP can offer lower monthly costs, far less expensive and proprietary stations, and Bluetooth enabled desk phones.

CSDITS VoIP solutions allow for immediate changes such as quick dial, monitoring, forwarding, call groups, after hour greetings, password changes, unified messaging, hunt groups, conference bridges, intercoms, call waiting, do not disturb, auto attendant and more.

You can easily reprogram a VoIP phone and can take your phone with you and use it from any location.  VoIP administrators can easily manage access to long distance and international calling.    VoIP solutions provide easy management, cost savings and reliability in one package.

VoIP phone systems allow for greater flexibility with a remote work force.  Your team can transfer calls to home office workers, they can transfer to you and when they call to your clients it shows as coming from your company.    Easily redirect calls for out of office emergencies.  They even allow voicemail to be sent to your email.

Complete Systems Design will install VoIP phone systems, inventory features required for your VoIP solution, upgrade legacy phone system, replace PBX with VoIP, and transition you to the new VoIP environment.  Business phone systems installation is a key component of your IT infrastructure and an important part of our network solutions.

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