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Are you often frustrated by how much your system slows down when you open more than one application at a time?  On average, a client has at least 6 applications open simultaneously although some may be running in the background and may not be noticeable.   Many companies can benefit from a workstation hardware refresh including: larger screens, better mice and keyboards, faster processors, faster and larger hard drives.  The benefits of which may significantly improve your office productivity as well as customer and employee satisfaction.  Some reliable workstation hardware and peripherals hardware manufacturers and suppliers include: Dell, Lenovo, Samsung & LG Laptops, PC’s and screens or monitors, Logitech keyboards, mice and peripherals.

Once your computer runs out of memory to handle all the open applications, the computer uses hard disk space to run application in use.  Hard drive performance is typically at least 1000% slower than RAM, causing your applications running on your hard drive crawl when they could be running much faster.   Once more than 50% of the hard drive’s space is filled, the computer will begin to deliver notably lower performance.

Newer versions of Windows and newer software are more visually intensive, requiring improved video processors with more memory.  Typically, older “on board” video cards do not deliver the performance your system would require for smooth multimedia applications such as dynamic web pages and video playback demand.

Another major component in good multimedia and application performance is an adequate processor.  Many companies are still using processors that are 2 generations obsolete.  It is not necessary to upgrade every time a new processor becomes available, but as software and operating systems change, it is usually best to be no more than three years behind the technology curve.

Complete Systems Design realizes most companies only switch out their hardware every two to four years.  CSD’s goal is to help make sure your company implements the right hardware solution so that you can get good performance from your investment for the longest period possible.   Without sufficient IT experience with a long term vision, some companies purchase the latest advertised special believing that may save money.  Quickly however, they realize “the special” was not right for their employees work environment and they must replace their recently purchased equipment.  Small screens, inadequate hard drives and slow processors may cost you productivity and both employee and client satisfaction.  Our computer consultants will ensure that you make the best equipment investment with the vendor of your choice.

Solid state hard drive (SSDs) can dramatically improve performance, but some controllers can cause data corruption or loss.   As an IT consulting firm, we can tell you not only what improves performance but what are advantages and disadvantages of your choices.  CSD’s computer hardware support team implements not only standard desktops but multimedia workstations and graphics development workstations.   Many systems now require usb cameras and microphones for video conferencing and our computer support team is happy to assist.   CSD computer consultants offer a full range of computer repair and computer upgrades including workstation repairs and workstation upgrades as well as notebook repairs and notebook upgrades.

Complete Systems Design will perform a computer analysis for you, perform computer troubleshooting, fix computers on site, provide computer help, speeding up slow computers with tweaks and computer hardware upgrades.  Complete Systems Design provides workstation hardware and peripherals repair services, provides computer support, and we service computers and peripherals.  CSD can reformat computers, install computer operating systems, upgrade Computer Operating Systems, recommend computer peripherals such as printers, scanners, and monitors.  CSD can help with keeping your company uniform and secure by upgrading computer operating systems, computer hardware upgrade services, and troubleshooting services providing fast computer help.

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