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Windows servers have a powerful integrated authentication server called Active Directory. How many login IDs and passwords do you have to remember for different applications and servers at work? Since it is impractical to assign each employee different logon IDs and passwords for each server, workstation and application, an active directory can give each user access to all the correct servers and applications upon logon. Access levels for each individual can vary depending upon the security level assigned to that employee.  An Active Directory Domain Controller can streamline the administration for setting up a new employee with one ID and password as well as make accessing the system easier for your team.

Authentication servers fulfill a number of purposes. Security templates can be set up to give all employees within each department the same rights so that administrative time is not wasted duplicating account privileges repeatedly for each employee. As new members join your team, their accounts can be created in a minute after the first account privileges have been defined. While traveling to your other offices or working remotely, your security access travels with you, making a local account unnecessary giving you access to local printers and resources you need to perform your job. Group policies can be defined to set standards for group privileges, requirements and how they interact with the system.

Security is a growing concern for most companies.  Active Directory servers can alleviate some of your security concerns.  When an employee leaves, deleting or disabling that one account can fully disable that employee’s entire access.  Automatic password changes for all employees can be performed in minutes instead of days!  Your security audits will no longer reveal dangling accounts with former employees retaining access to vital systems.

Authentication servers provide a cohesive employee identification system for your business.  Whether you have five servers and one office, or a thousand of each, quick logon and access should be simple for everyone on your team.  Access-Control Lists (ACL) are important for you company’s security.

Our systems security consultants have managed and installed authentication solutions in offices throughout the U.S., and has designed security policies for companies like yours.  CSD’s systems support team can assist with the updated Active Directory structure required for Exchange Server 2019 or Exchange Server 2016 and Exchange 2013 and of Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2016 Server as well as Windows Server 2019.   Proper Active Directory design / AD Server design is essential for both large and small firms.   Complete Systems Design’s security experts can assist you with building a solid foundation for firm’s security.   CSD’s systems consultants can provide sandbox solutions for guest and testing environments to keep your production systems secured.

Active Directory security groups and Group Policy Objects offer many ways to secure your users and your company’s data.   AD rights can easily organize rights level access for your entire organization group by group or individually.  We take your computer system security seriously.

Complete Systems Design offers Active Directory assistance, we troubleshoot Active Directory issues and solve Active Directory Domain Controller problems, if you need a new AD environment we will prep it for your organization. Complete Systems Design can install and configure active directory sync for you, Azure AD Connect sync / Sync Engine will then sync accounts with azure to provide a single password for office 365 and active directory services.

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