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Data Backup Servers

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Could your company successfully restore last night’s data or an entire server should a catastrophic event occur? A company’s servers should be backed up every day and those backups should be tested at regular intervals. As the amount of information companies accumulate continues to expand, the need for data storage is growing exponentially. Yet frequently, data backup solutions fail to grow with the new environment. Companies that a few years ago backed up 50 gigabytes of data daily, now may backup a terabyte or even hundreds terabytes of data every day. Full tape backups that previously could be completed nightly are now only partial backups requiring multiple tapes. As a result, restores may take days and should one of those backup tapes fail, the data may be irretrievable. Your company cannot afford to lose valuable data or to spend precious time attempting to recover that data when this unfortunate event occurs.  CSD tailors the data backup servers to your environment.

An effective backup strategy involves entirely backing up every server daily that have frequent data changes. Servers that typically fall in this category are: file, e-mail, web, database, and intranet servers. Due to the nature of servers that contain databases such as Exchange, SQL and Oracle, special backup agents must also be installed and updated frequently on those systems. Quite often even major corporations neglect to update their database backups and consequently can’t restore critical systems when a system fails or disaster strikes.   We support a number of backup solutions for offsite storage including Veeam & Symantec Backup Exec, Windows native backup using LTO-6, LTO-7 and LTO-8 devices as well as hard drive, Hyper-V replication and cloud backup including Microsoft Azure backup.

A reliable, high speed, high capacity backup system is essential for every company that relies heavily on data to compete in today’s economy. Complete Systems Design’s data backup consultants have installed backup solutions for large and small companies, tailoring the solution to meet each company’s backup needs for today, while anticipating tomorrow’s growth.   Properly designed data archiving solutions and data backup solutions protect you from potential disasters and allow for easy restores of archived data.

Complete Systems Design backup experts can assist you in planning, designing and implementing backup solutions that fit your needs.   CSD’s backup and archiving consultants can prepare you for your immediate and long-term needs.   Our backup systems can implement and monitor your backup system for reliable backups and reliable restores. CSD disaster recovery services can assist your team when resources may be stretched for your current staff.  Our backup experts can recommend and implement enterprise backup solutions to reduce concerns should an event occur.

Complete Systems Design will test data backup servers, restore data from backup, provide server backup assistance, configure system archiving, restore server data and restore system data to workstations.  Our managed backup service includes server cloud backup and recovery services, remote backup services and the best cloud backup pricing.

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