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DNS & DHCP Server Installation


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Did you ever try to send or receive e-mails only to get a bounced back message that it was undeliverable? There are many possible reasons for this but one of them, may be your company’s Domain Name System (DNS) entries. Good communication is key to the survival and growth of a company and e-mail is an essential tool in today’s business communications.  We understand the common configuration issues with DNS & DHCP servers and can solve them for you.

Your servers and workstations communicate with each other and systems outside your company through Internet Protocol (IP) addresses which are translated to names. IP addresses are often assigned to workstations by your Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server which helps prevent duplicate IPs conflicts on your network. Internally they may use Windows Internet Names Service (WINS) and Domain Name Services.

Most companies employ both an internal Domain Name Servers as well as external DNS servers which your clients and vendors rely on to communicate with your organization. Proper DNS entries allow browsing to your web server as well as your Mail Exchange record (MX record).   Your MX record entry assists in allowing proper e-mail resolution to your mail server. Your Sender Policy Framework record (SPF record) assists in allowing you to send e-mails to companies employing antispam measures.   DNS also plays a critical roll in your Active Directory security.

Complete Systems Design DNS consultants have the experience to quickly resolve DNS, WINS and DHCP issues for your company, ensuring your company can communicate with the world.  Our team includes a Microsoft MVP for DNS consulting.   There are many unseen components of systems integration and our systems support team can make sure your systems infrastructure is designed for continuous operation and facilitate growth.   CSD’s infrastructure consulting team is ready to assist with both your internal DNS server as well as your public DNS server records.

Complete Systems Design provides server maintenance services, server upgrade solutions, server repair services, install new servers and server replacements and upgrade servers to Microsoft Windows Server 2019.   Let CSD implement the right DNS & DHCP servers solutions for your company.

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