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Are you constantly deleting older files in order to make space for new ones? File and print servers provide safe central storage to critical data with various access levels granted only to authorized personnel. Years ago, when files consisted of simple text content, data storage was simple and fast. Now files frequently contain significantly greater amounts of data due to more sophisticated content such as pictures, audio and video. File servers need to be far more robust and scalable to allow quick access and growth so you won’t have to replace your server investment every year.

Finding the right balance of speed, reliability, growth as well as price can be quite an involved process. The right solution requires evaluating the size of your current file server, the types of files you currently store, or plan to store in the future, the frequency with which new files are created, possible needs for redundancy, planned company growth, and the length of time archived data needs to be available online. These are just a few issues that may determine your hardware selection.

File servers need to be robust as they often perform a variety of functions such as Active Directory Server, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Domain Name Server (DNS), Windows Internet Names Service (WINS), and networked printing server. The print service running on your file server allows you to select any network printer in your entire company to print to with a click of a mouse. Having adequate storage space allows for print spooling to quickly offload the document to your print server.

Complete Systems Design’s file server consulting group has significant experience selecting, building and installing numerous file servers for many types of companies. CSD’s file server support team has implemented new server environments for new companies including Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 / Windows Server 2016 / Windows Server 2019 as well as having migrated existing server environments to their new platform with minimal interruption.  We support and maintain, iSCSI, SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) solutions as well.  CSD’s server support team’s experience and expertise with systems support and systems management helps reduce your efforts so you can concentrate on your core business functions. File server and print server maintenance can benefit your company by preventing unwanted downtime.   File and print server installation is a core component of your company’s network infrastructure.   Network printing allows for maximizing your investment on your high-speed combination multi-function fax printer.

Complete Systems Design will diagnose your file and print servers, check file server rights access, upgrade your file server, increase file server storage space, and speed up your file server. CSD can replace your file server and set up a new file server and migrate your file server.  Complete Systems Design provides server maintenance services, server upgrade solutions, server repair services, install new servers and server replacements and upgrade servers to Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

We offer cloud migration services for cloud based file server storage and cloud backup services.   Our cloud backup solutions include the ability to have your DRP in the cloud.   Contact Complete Systems Design for your cloud computing solutions.

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