Hyper-V / VMware

Microsoft Hyper-V Server Installation

Virtual Server Solutions


Full failover without loss of productivity

Simplified archiving

Protected from ransomware

Replication on site or another office or the cloud

Reduced hardware costs

Current servers are a completely different class of machine than were available just a few years ago. With significantly improved multi-core processors, faster disk drives, better controllers and even 10 gigabit network connections, you can now invest in a couple of good servers to take the place of several servers. Leveraging Windows 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 integrated Hyper-V functionality or VMware, you can have completely separated virtual servers all running on one box.   CSD can assist you with your Hyper-V / VMware server solution today.

The advantages to virtual machines are significant in a number of areas. You can move one virtual machine to another box on dissimilar hardware making upgrades a snap. Virtual machines can have automatic failover to other hardware for guaranteed up-time. Virtual machines require less hardware saving money, physical space, air conditioning and power requirements. Virtual machines boot significantly faster allowing for minimal downtime when operating system and software updates are available.  A good replication server can not only keep a copy of current data but backup the virtual machine and archive months’ worth of data.

Complete Systems Design can optimize your hardware selection so your investment allows growth as well as immediate and long-term investment payback. We are happy to assist you with moving forward with your infrastructure needs.  CSD can also assist you with your existing Windows 2008 Hyper-V and VMware servers as well as the significantly enhanced VM environment available with Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2016 and Microsoft Windows Server 2019.   In addition we support cloud based Hyper-V environments.

Complete Systems Design will set up a virtual server solution that is right for your including, install a Hyper-V environment, set up Hyper-V guest servers, set up Hyper-V host servers, set up Hyper-V replication server off site, configure Hyper-V replication to remote offices, and configure Hyper-V backup.  A Hyper-V / VMware server will save you money on hardware, storage space, cooling, and simplify your backup, archiving and provide options for replication on or offsite.

Complete Systems Design offers tested server virtualization solutions including vmware virtual server systems, vmware virtual server systems and cloud based virtual servers.   Microsoft virtual server or hyper-v is built into Windows Server.   Virtual server web hosting is offered with Microsoft Azure services.  We make sure your virtual server infrastructure includes replication and virtual server disaster recovery.

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