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Does your company’s website service your current customers and attract new ones? Web sites no longer only supply a company’s phone number and address. Many web sites include detailed information to attract potential clients regarding a company’s products, services, and also provide existing customers with online account management features. Some web sites are excellent for collaborating using programs such as Microsoft SharePoint which let you organize, control workflows, share files, preview files and track changes.  IIS – Internet Information Servers & FTP servers are in use by many companies today.

A web server must have several major components to effectively benefit a company.  It must be reliable, scalable, protected from potential hackers, and be able to perform well in heavy traffic conditions.  Your potential and existing customers’ impression of your company and its client services will be enhanced by effectively planning your web site to service multiple clients simultaneously.  If your equipment cannot handle the load, how will that reflect on your team’s capability?

Complete Systems Design has set up multiple web servers in various environments and will use that experience to give clients more direct access to your company’s products and services.  Your web site is a 24/7 informational advertisement to your potential clients.  A reliable web server informs potential buyers of your products and services and gives your existing clients access to resources even while you team is not “on the clock.”   CSD’s IT systems consultants can install and maintain your new IIS7 server on Windows 2008, IIS8 on Windows 2012, Windows 2016, Windows 2019 or diagnose, repair and maintain your existing IIS6 server on Windows 2003.  Our web server consulting team offers the same level of IT support you’d expect from all our IT consulting services.

Our Internet security services and firewall security support can keep your mind at ease about the potential internet security risks.  CSD’s data security experts can ensure your Internet reliability with fast internet failover between different Internet service providers.  Our firewall experts work with your ISPs to ensure proper IP requirements are met, all DNS A records and CNAMEs, MX, PTR, SPF and SRV records are properly configured.  Contact CSD’s systems consulting team for all your firewall and internet security needs.  We specialize in Sonicwall firewalls and VPN secured remote access.   Intrusion prevention and intrusion protection are essential for companies with internet access.   The CSD team can sandbox your environment to prevent outsiders from accessing critical internal systems.

Complete Systems Design will diagnose your IIS server, check file server rights access, upgrade your FTP server, increase FTP server storage space, and speed up your FTP server. CSD can replace your IIS – Internet Information Servers / FTP server and set up a new web server and migrate your FTP server.   Let us review your web server security and protect your company from potential security breaches.

We offer a variety of cloud computing services including cloud migration services for offsite hosting.  Our cloud services includ cloud backup services, cloud security services, cloud infrastructure services, cloud disaster recovery services, cloud service management and a choice of cloud service providers.

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