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Is your company reliant on an application that only performs well in the office where the data is housed?  Many applications and databases that perform quickly in the central office could be readily accessed from remote offices, at home or while traveling.  Remote desktop servers – terminal servers provides access to systems with speeds comparable to those achieved directly at the central office where the application is running.

Redesigning certain databases is cost prohibitive, making remote access a much more affordable and attractive alternative. No longer do remote offices have to suffer long delays waiting for their screens to refresh while the server responds to their query.  Employees at other locations using remote desktop can run queries at nearly the same speed as employees at the office where the server is located. Senior management, sales teams and others may require quick access to real-time data to effectively close deals and keep product moving. Authorized employees could have secure remote access to client data, e-mail, databases and systems available to those working in the central office.

Complete Systems Design’s remote office consulting team understands that working hours often begin in different time zones or may require late nights and weekends.  Today’s business if often conducted out of multiple office locations. CSD’s IT support group can help implement a solution that can seamlessly increase your productivity while reducing your costs for business conducted away from your central office.   CSD remote user support team has had fantastic results with the new faster Remote Desktop Server available on Windows 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Windows Server 2019 including support for multi-screen remote desktop sessions.   Right-sizing your RDP environment for the correct number of remote users will prevent unwanted slowdowns and lags for remote offices and home office users.  We measure loads before recommending the remote desktop server set up for your company.   The correct terminal server planning / remote desktop planning can allow your employees to be a productive remotely without the commute to the office or the dedicated office space.

Complete Systems Design will install remote desktop servers, and when we set up your remote desktop server, we’ll optimize it and the profiles for end users, and provide a remote desktop servers – terminal servers solution that can grow with your needs.  With an inexpensive but well encrypted VPN solution your firewall can provide secured access for your remote workforce.  Our IT services cover the range of your IT needs, so contact one of our IT consultants so you can move forward today.

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